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About Chesapeake Neighbors

Who We Are

We believe access to quality, affordable, and safe housing isn’t a luxury – it’s a right.

The Arc Central Chesapeake Region founded Chesapeake Neighbors in 2007 because people deserve options and opportunities when it comes to housing. Everyone should live in a home they are proud of, in a convenient, affordable, and safe location. Our tenants are people who want an affordable, safe, and centrally located home. We focus on quality, offering modern amenities and properties conveniently located within easy access to community resources.

Our Mission is to create opportunity by making quality, affordable housing accessible to all.

We belive the future of housing is small-scale, scattered-site, mixed-income developments.

Our approach means each property we develop contributes to a more diverse community. By dispersing housing throughout different neighborhoods, residents from various backgrounds, income levels, and demographics can live side by side. This diversity develops vibrant, dynamic communities that reflect the broader population. We prioritize what is best for both the renter and the community. Creating this type of housing offers flexibility and individualization – residents can choose housing options that align with their preferences and needs, whether that’s proximity to work, schools, or specific amenities.

We are building the future of housing in Maryland.

In 2022, we set an ambitious goal of adding 100 new units of affordable housing by 2025. Today, we manage a portfolio of over 70 units and are well on our way to meeting that goal. But that’s not all we’re doing. Our work is about more than just adding physical infrastructure—it’s about creating conversations throughout the community about what affordable housing can and should look like.


Years Chesapeake Neighbors has been creating...


New units throughout the community by 2025


Leaseholders, 95% of whom fall into the very low to low income category.


Mixed-income developments underway that offer a combination of market-rate and affordable units, creating inclusive housing opportunities for everyone.


Percent of the units are regularly assessed for energy efficiency and solar capability.

Our Leaders

Judi Olinger

Executive Director

Judi Olinger is the Executive Director of Chesapeake Neighbors, an Arc Central Chesapeake Region company
Keenan Troxler
Keenan Troxler
Assistant Director of Property Operations
Keenan is a critical member of Chesapeake Neighbors’ operations. He leads the frontline property management team
Mike Tinsley
Mike Tinsley
Project Coordinator
Mike plays an essential role in coordinating Chesapeake Neighbors’ real estate development initiatives, from renovations to new construction
Adeerah Kirby
Adeerah Kirby
Manager of Property Operations
Adeerah manages all aspects of Tenant Services for Chesapeake Neighbors

Board Members

Jonathon Rondeau

Board Chair, President and CEO, The Arc Central Chesapeake Region

Martha Brown

Treasurer - Clinical Colleagues, Inc.

Andrew Masters

Secretary United Way of Central Maryland

Deena Kilmon

Waterfowl Festival

Monique Brown

Affordable Housing Stakeholder

Meredith Wimbrow

National Association of Homebuilders

Rasheeda Mccrea

World of Care Childcare Center through Kennedy Krieger

Nancy Rase

Nancy Rase Consulting Services


Tiffany Harrison

Self-Advocate & Tenant Representative

Work With Us

Chesapeake Neighbors is a high-impact place with leaders at every level of the organization. We are a community of passionate professionals dedicated to supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live self-determined lives, innovating services, and creating more equitable and inclusive communities.

Recent News

Front of the Delmont property at twilight

July 12, 2024

Chesapeake Neighbors Receives $100,000 from Maryland Energy Administration
Rasheeda McCrea

March 7, 2024

Chesapeake Neighbors Welcomes Rasheeda McCrea to its Board of Directors
Jonathon Rondeau joined Governor Wes Moore on Tuesday to advocate for housing expansion and support Section 7-504 of the Governor’s bill HB538: Affordable Housing Zoning Density and Permitting

February 23, 2024

Board Chair Jonathon Rondeau Speaks on Affordable Housing
Jonathon Rondeau (far right) Speaks at Baltimore Banner Event Discussing Affordable Housing

January 17, 2024

Addressing Maryland's Affordable Housing Crisis

January 3, 2024

Chesapeake Neighbors Finishing Renovations on Two Properties
Executive Director Judi Olinger Speaking at Maryland Municipal League Conference in Baltimore

October 17, 2023

Judi Olinger Speaks at Maryland Municipal League Conference
Deena Kilmon

February 15, 2023

Chesapeake Neighbors Welcomes Deena Kilmon to its Board of Directors
High Street

January 6, 2023

Kent Attainable Housing, Inc. Partners With Chesapeake Neighbors on High Street Property