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Choose a community, not a floorplan.

With over 70 units throughout the community, we have a wide range of housing options to fit your needs. Because of our scattered-site housing model, every property and unit is unique. If you are interested in living with Chesapeake Neighbors, the first step is to reach out to us. From there we will match you with an open unit that meets your individual needs.

Housing Options

Chesapeake Neighbors began by developing affordable housing for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. But, we recognize the need to create greater access and opportunity for people to live where they want and need is universal. As we’ve expanded to serve the wider community, we still approach our work today with the same focus on quality, affordability, and accessibility that have been the foundation of our services from the beginning. 

Our units range from urban-style apartments to single-family homes to duplexes and triplexes. Because we focus on developing small, scattered-site, mixed-income housing, our properties are located throughout the community—in established neighborhoods, downtown, and more secluded, rural areas.

8321 Veterans Highway - 0218321 Veterans Highway - 021
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Our apartments blend in with the neighborhoods around them. Because of our small, scattered-site approach, properties range from two to ten units on one site. We offer one, two, and three-bedroom styles with modern amenities. 

Single Family Homes

We offer single-family homes located conveniently throughout the community. These are three and four-bedroom houses with easy access to community resources. 
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Duplexes & Triplexes

We offer a number of duplexes and triplexes located within established neighborhoods and with easy access to community resources. These might look like single-family homes split into two or three separate units. Every unit has its own entry and is designed to fit within the community around it. 

Our tenants are people who want a quality, affordable, safe, and centrally located home. We focus on quality—offering modern amenities and properties that are conveniently located with easy access to community resources. Our small, scattered-site, mixed-income approach means each property is part of creating a more diverse community where there is a mix of affordable and market-rate housing on the same site.